Sunday, April 17, 2016

Simple Machines Expo

I am so proud of these kids! They did an awesome job learning about and creating simple machines. Then they were the cutest little tour guides to escort their families, teachers and big partners around. 

What a great afternoon!

L to R - The inclined plane number bond, the inclined plane marble roller coaster, their own designs and pulleys. 

L to R - Mom sending a tube car down an inclined plane, a dad trying out a pulley, using levers to launch Pom poms, and a cute tour guide on a mission. 

L to R - building words with screws, our simple machines flip book, family fun with levers. 

L to R - trying out our large lever in the hallway, the ever popular wedge center where we used our teeth (which are wedges) to eat some yummy snacks, trying out pulleys and doing some math. 

L to R- more math, pulleys, a young man adjusting the pulley he designed, checking to make sure to show mom and dad everything. 

Mrs. Broughton trying the lever game, a homemade pulley, marble roller coaster race, and changing the fulcrum to lift Mrs. Ginalski.

Trying out a pulley, getting a snack, lifting Mr. Finn and a roller coaster race. 

We were so excited to get to show our big partners around! 

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